How does this help you get extra Facebook Likes?

However, this post isn’t approximately your getting more engagement, however alternatively increasing Facebook Likes. So what kind of content material receives shared with non-Fans, and drives those human beings to Like your Page?

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The primary high-quality practice for creating shared content material is to faucet into what human beings are already thinking about. This will be anything, from the seasons to vacations, modern occasions (though steer clean of something brazenly political until you actually need to take a stand) or even the day of the week.

Here’s an instance of a Facebook submit from Walmart on International Women’s Day:

When you characteristic the images, rates or video out of your present Fans or clients, you put them on the arena degree. Get their permission to share their content then @ mention them within the put up. They’ll be in all likelihood to share their excitement approximately being featured with their whole social media community.

Quotes Posts are the kind most probably to force a Share from considered one of your existing Fans to a non-Fan. People love sharing charges on social media, and they’re an high-quality manner so one can attain a new target market (individuals who can be intersted in Liking your Page.

Notice that this put up has one hundred forty four shares, appreciably better than Postplanner’s average. Again, human beings like to proportion prices extra than another form of content material. And sharing (as it shows your Facebook Posts to non-Fans) gets you new Fans.

The reason I emphasize “without inquiring for it” in this section is due to Facebook’s current “Engagement Bait” ban, which penalizes Facebook Pages which ask for or activate engagement of any type. For more on Facebook’s ban of posts which ask for a Like, Share or Comment, take a look at out Facebook’s “Engagement Bait” Ban: What It Is & What It Means for You.

In the past couple years, Facebook has pushed tough to compete with Snapchat or even YouTube – social media structures based around video. As a end result of this push, they provide video a bigger improve in your Fan’s newsfeeds than they do any other content material kind.

For example, while we at Wishpond tested Facebook Live video, this is the graph of our engagement for all our posts over the path of a couple weeks. Guess which put up turned into video?

Doing this indicates other Facebook site visitors which you’re helpful, your web page is lively, and that you’re the usage of social media as a platform to absolutely hook up with your clients. Customers who have received desirable help, or who can also want it in the future, will possibly Like your web page.

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Strategy to Increase Facebook Likes #10: Post at the Right Times
This seems like a no brainer, but I’m continuously surprised by the Facebook Pages who don’t practice it: Post while your Fans are most possibly to peer your Posts.

The extra present enthusiasts who see your content, the greater Shares, comments and submit Likes you may get. The extra engagement you get, the extra Fans will see your content material. The greater Fans who see your content, the extra Shares you will get. The more Shares you may get, the greater non-Fans will see your Post and Like your page.

If you’re targeting all of North America or the United States, keep in mind that 50% of the U.S. Populace is within the Eastern Time Zone, and the Eastern and Central combined constitute nearly eighty% of the U.S. Populace. However, in case you’re focused on your unique place, goal your timezone (of course).

Taking advantage of Facebook Insights assist you to join higher along with your customers. Understanding the folks who like your web page – and the content material that exceptional resonates with them will assist you shape your content approach inside the destiny, meaning you may optimize engagement.